Award Recipients


The CALPELRA Board of Directors established the Moving Forward Award to recognize innovative leadership. The award is presented at the Annual Conference and is designed to honor organizations or individuals who have had an impact on their organizations by improving labor relations, resolving disputes, addressing new challenges, or by assisting others in their growth in the profession. Recipients of this award are models and mentors.


  • 2018 Winner: Lisa Sorce, Padre Dam Municipal Water District

  • 2017 Winner: Cynthia Baron and the HRS Team, County of Alameda

  • 2016 Winner: Carol Isen, Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART)

  • 2015 Winner: Jeffrey Cardell, City of Fresno

  • 2014 Winners: Carol Allen, County of Sonoma; City of Inglewood, Labor Negotiations Team

  • 2013 Winners: Kristy Schmidt, City of Santa Barbara; Donald Turko, County of San Diego

  • 2012 Winners: Susan Nichols, City of Sausalito; Angela Nicholson, County of Marin; City Manager's Office/Human Resources Division, City of Mountain View

  • 2011 Winners: Alex Gurza, City of San Jose; Rebecca Burnside, Redwood City

  • 2011 Honorable Mentions: Nancy Nittler, Placer County; Delta Diablo Sanitation District; Bronda Silva, City of American Canyon

  • 2010 Winner: Steven Espinoza, City of Riverside

  • 2010 Honorable Mention: Cathryn R. Freitas, Central Contra Costa Sanitary District

  • 2010 Honorable Mention: LeeAnn McPhillips, City of Gilroy

  • 2009 Winner: Donna Vaillancourt, San Mateo County

  • 2008 Winners: Leslie Loomis and Jim Schutz, City of San Rafael; and Ron Komers, Riverside County

  • 2007 Winner: Terri Cassidy, City of Costa Mesa

  • 2006 Winner: Ann Goodrich, Sonoma County Human Resources

  • 2005 Winner: Laura Armor, Marin County

  • 2005 Winner: Michael Harary, City of Orange

  • 2005 Winner: City of Fresno - Mayor's Labor-Management Task Force

  • 2004 Winner: Padre Dam Municipal Water District

  • 2004 Winner: Audrey Daniels, Foster City

  • 2004 Winner: Dublin San Ramon Services District

  • 2004 Honorable Mention: Santa Clara Valley Water District

  • 2004 Honorable Mention: Laura Armor, Marin County


Up to three awards may be presented each year.

  • The award may be given to one or more individuals or to an organization.

  • Individual award recipients must be current CALPELRA members. For a group, at least one person must be a current CALPELRA member.

  • The award recipient may not be a member of the current CALPELRA Board.


The nominee(s) should have demonstrated a commitment and leadership in the field of California public sector labor and employee relations.

Emphasis should be on a specific accomplishment or a series of accomplishments within the last 12 months. Earlier accomplishments that continue to have a positive effect may also be recognized. Examples of accomplishments include innovative contract language or programs, unique approaches to problems, or actions that have advanced labor-management relations.

Look around you. Your organization (or you) may be eligible to participate in this CALPELRA recognition program. CALPELRA members accomplish great things every day. This award is our way of celebrating great accomplishments.

Please use this form to nominate Moving Forward Award recipients. Nominations for the 2018 Moving Forward Award must be submitted by October 15, 2018.