2017 Annual Conference Call For Speaking Proposals

The deadline for submitting session proposals for the 2017 Annual Conference was March 20.

CALPELRA's Annual Conference Program Committee invites you to submit proposals to present at CALPELRA's 2017 Annual Conference. Consistent with CALPELRA's goal of providing its members with the highest quality professional development opportunities, the Program Committee encourages CALPELRA members, practitioners, and attorneys to submit proposals for Conference sessions on the best practices for successful labor relations and employment law leaders and problem solvers.

The Conference

CALPELRA's Annual Conference offers a unique opportunity for labor relations and human resources professionals to listen to, interact with, and learn from California's leading labor relations experts, including practitioners and attorneys. The Conference provides an interactive forum for sharing the experiences of professionals with diverse knowledge, skills, and abilities in hands-on training sessions. Held in Monterey, California, the Annual Conference is the training conference of choice among California's labor relations and human resources professionals. During its 42 year history, the Conference has been consistently well-attended, in recent years by over 1,000 individuals representing agencies from all corners of the state.

The 2017 Annual Conference will be held December 4 - December 8 in Monterey, California.

The Audience

Your presentation will reach an audience of public agencies at all levels of government throughout California, including CALPELRA's membership base of over 1,000 individuals. CALPELRA members and Conference participants work in city, county, and state government, transit agencies, state colleges and universities, trial courts, special districts, and school districts. They are a diverse group, but they share a common interest in learning more about employee relations, bargaining, human resources, and other activities involving public employees, unions, and associations.

Session Topics

CALPELRA's Annual Conference offers a wide variety of session topics of interest to public sector labor relations and human resources professionals, including educational and skill- building presentations that discuss new and critical issues and that encourage audience interaction and participation. The Annual Conference Program Committee is especially interested in proposed sessions that will best prepare CALPELRA's members and Conference participants for the labor relations challenges public agencies are facing, including the evolving definition of vested pension benefits for current employees, health care benefits and the impact of the predicted Affordable Care Act repeal and replacement, employee workplace safety and privacy, the consequences of unions losing agency fee revenue, negotiating during a period of increased inflation, negotiating employee payment of a greater share of pension costs, and other current topics you identify.

Selection Criteria

CALPELRA welcomes presentation proposals from individuals or groups, CALPELRA members or practitioners.

In making program recommendations to the Board of Directors, the Program Committee will consider the educational value of each proposed session, the expertise of the proposed speakers, the experience of the proposed speakers, the proposed speakers' demonstrated ability to attract an audience, and the proposed speakers' past Conference evaluations. You must clearly identify each proposed speaker in your presentation proposals. Your proposed speakers must be available on Wednesday, December 6 through Friday, December 8, 2017.

Although CALPELRA will receive 120 - 150 proposed sessions in response to its Call For Speaking Proposals, CALPELRA will offer between 45 - 55 sessions per Conference. Please make your session proposals as complete and detailed as possible, with enough interesting elements to appeal to CALPELRA members and Conference participants.

The Annual Conference Program Committee will work with you to tailor your session titles and descriptions to CALPELRA's program needs. The Program Committee reserves the right to establish session titles and/or modify session descriptions, and/or request that presenters address specific concepts during a presentation. CALPELRA may also assign sessions to specific learning tracks.

While the Program Committee selects Conference presentations independently of CALPELRA's sponsor/exhibitor program, CALPELRA may consider speakers' past and current contributions (time and/or money) to CALPELRA. Program sessions may not include sales or product promotions.

Proposals Deadline: March 20, 2017

CALPELRA issued the 2017 Call For Speaking Proposals on January 17, 2017. The deadline for submitting session proposals for the 2017 Annual Conference was March 20. The Program Committee will give first preference to proposals submitted on or before the deadline; proposals submitted after the deadline may be considered.