Special Subject Labor Relations Academy

Post Recession Negotiations:
The New Realities Replacing The New Normal

Webinar Recording Available

The recording of this Webinar is available for purchase on CALPELRA's Labor Relations Academy registration form.

The Program

With the onset of the Great Recession, most public agencies in California adapted to recession bargaining norms, often called the 'new normal' - union delays, concession bargaining, staff reductions, unilateral adoptions, and muted union response.

As California's economy emerges from the Great Recession, don't expect to return to the 'old normal' that preceded the Great Recession. Instead, expect to negotiate in a time of new labor relations realities and in the most difficult period of labor relations in the past 45 years.

In this single-part video Academy Webinar, we focus on the new realities that could make life difficult for the unaware negotiator.

Using PERB's recent decisions County of Riverside and City of Redondo Beach, this Academy will help you deal with the new realities of declaring impasse. You will learn how to...

  • Understand what constitutes an official declaration of impasse.

  • Avoid unfair practice charges based on premature impasse declaration or other defective impasse declarations.

Examples of other new realities include the...

  • Emphasis on data-based negotiations.

  • Importance of establishing a settlement pattern within an agency and within comparable agencies for negotiations and factfinding.

  • Struggle over competing interests - employees' need for compensation increases and the public's need for restored service levels and improved infrastructure.

  • Employee demands to recover all wages lost between 2008 and 2014, coupled with more concerted activities and short-term strikes.

  • Number of union filings with PERB and the role of UPC's in providing leverage for negotiations.

  • Union requests for factfinding.

Training Approach

CALPELRA's first two video Webinars on the Affordable Care Act and Effects Bargaining garnered outstanding reviews and were widely viewed across the management labor relations community. CALPELRA is building on that model of providing video Webinars featuring timely labor relations topics and critical new issues that arise. To the extent the video Webinar format allows, we continue using the training approach that has made CALPELRA's core Labor Relations Academies the most highly praised and sought after public sector labor relations certification program in the United States.


This Academy was developed by individuals with years of experience in California labor relations and employment law. CALPELRA has selected established trainers with the highest ratings.

  • William F. Kay

    CALPELRA Academy Co-Director. Over 40 years of public sector labor relations and employment law experience representing public agencies under PERB's jurisdiction since PERB's inception.

  • M. Carol Stevens

    CALPELRA Executive Director. Over 35 years of experience representing public agencies under PERB's jurisdiction, in addition to representing MMBA agencies.

  • Carol Allen

    Employee Relations Manager, County of Sonoma

  • Sam Strafaci

    Director, Labor and Employee Relations, University of California, Irvine

  • Kenneth A. Walker

    Manager of Labor Relations, City of Long Beach

Who Should Attend This Academy?

This Academy program is designed for human resources and labor relations professionals, agency attorneys, and agency mid-management staff. Participants in this Webinar must have basic knowledge of the duty to bargain under the appropriate public sector bargaining statute. This training is designed for anyone who wants to...

  • Understand why the attempts by unions and management to control the settlement pattern will take on new dynamics and will require substantial adjustments by management staff and governing bodies.

  • Know about the recently developed PERB law surrounding impasse declaration, premature impasses, and official impasse determination.

  • Understand how the agency's public messages about labor disputes will be more challenging, nuanced, potentially explosive, and focused on factfinding than previously.

  • Understand why unions will frequently request factfinding and file more PERB unfair practice charges.

  • Know the strategic importance of public support in bargaining, and how and when to communicate with the public and employees.

  • Learn about the increased union stridency and the use of the short-term work stoppage.

Registration Fees

Register for this live, single-part video Webinar for one low rate of $225 per connection. Agencies are encouraged to register for one connection and have multiple employees participate in a group setting. We recommend projecting the Webinar so that all can see and using speakers so that all can hear.

Cancellations / Refund Policy

If you register for this special subject Academy and are unable to participate on the day of the live, single-part video Webinar, CALPELRA will not refund your registration fees. You may, however, apply the registration fees to another CALPELRA event or activity within one year of cancelled activity; all requests for transfer of registration fees must be made in writing. If you cancel your registration after the cutoff date, you will forfeit your registration fees, and you may not apply them to a later Academy. Please see the Academy schedule for cancellation cutoff dates.

Training Certification And Credits

  • CALPELRA CLRM certification.

  • MCLE for California attorneys.

A Certificate of Attendance will be provided for attendance at this Academy. A CALPELRA Labor Relations Master Certification (CLRM) will be awarded upon completion of the three core Academies (Foundation Of Labor Relations, Managing Your Collective Bargaining Agreements, and Negotiations Simulation And Planning), and a final written project. These Academies may be taken in any order.

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