Academy Masters/CLRM Papers

A - D

Abe, Sandy
Using Year 2000 Compliant Technology To Maximize Labor Relations Automation

Aguirre, Gabriela
Handling A Skelly Hearing In Anticipation Of Arbitration

Alexander, Kevin
The New Team Member: Negotiating With Multiple Unions

Allen, Jennifer
Very Long-Term Contracts

Avila, Janice
A Change In The Organization: Moving From Unrepresented Employees To Recognized Bargaining Units - The Impacts And Challenges For The Organization

Bajaj, Prem
Reframing Negotiating Strategy For Improved Outcomes

Baldwin, Crystal
Arbitrating Probable Adverse Impact Cases As Dischargeable Offenses

Barnes-Jones, Kathy
The Interactive Process – Its Role In Preventing Disability Discrimination

Baron, Cynthia
Collaborative Bargaining In The Workplace: Labor Management Teams

Bell, Robert
Labor Relations - A Training For Public Sector Managers And Supervisors

Bengyel, Kristin
Labor Relations For IHSS Workers Conducting Negotiations For The Initial Contract For In Home Care Providers: A Case Study

Bennett, Sheryl
A New Negotiating Environment For The Public Sector
GASB 43 And 45 - Retiree Healthcare Benefits

Bhojani, Sharmeen
Challenges And Strategies For Negotiating In Uncertain Economic Times

Bianchi-Rossi, Lynn
The Importance Of Understanding Management And Employee Rights In A Collective Bargaining Agreement

Birch, Izetta
Should The City Of Thousand Oaks Agree To Binding Arbitration For Disciplinary Appeals With Two Of Its Bargaining Units?

Bokosky, Tom
The Economics Of Negotiations, A Financial Review Of The Labor Agreement

Bonner, Robert
Analysis Of An Interest Based Approach To Public Employee Pension Reform

Borror, Karen
Experiences In Interest-Based Bargaining

Boucher, Christopher
Workplace Bullying: A Silent Epidemic In The American Workforce

Boucher, Gene
To Mediate Or Not Mediate – That Is The Question. How Mediation Can Be Used To Resolve Labor Relations Conflicts

Bowman, Denise
Unit Determination Things You Need To Know

Bracy, Jean
Negotiating Personnel Rules

Bragdon, Suzanne
Uses, Trends And Impacts Of Interest Based Bargaining On Medium Sized Cities

Buck, Amy
Marketing Negotiated Benefits And Employment Attributes For Recruitment And Retention

Burton, Dominique B.
Reclaiming Management Rights In Contract Construction

Bush, René
Drafting An Employer-Employee Relations Policy (Issues To Be Considered)

Cacho, Clorissa
Lead Negotiators Styles That Impact The Bargaining Relationship

Campbell, Kathleen
The Challenges And Rewards Of Labor Negotiations In A Small City

Carlucci, Shelley
The Value Of Labor Management Committees

Carson, Christine M.
A California Local Public Agency’s Guide To Lawful Outsourcing

Chaffin, Lisa
Maneuvering Through Public Safety Negotiations

Chiaramonte, Louis M.
Fitness For Duty: What A Public Sector Employer May Want To Consider When Initiating A Fitness For Duty Examination

Clark, John
Managing The Governing Body/Chief Negotiator Relationship

Clarke, Charlotte
The Dills Act And Impasse

Clarke-Fetty, Denise
The Challenges Of Negotiating Changes In Classification Specifications In County of Alameda

Comelo, Anil
Elected Officials' Sidebars With Unions

Cooper, Michael D.
Mediation In Labor Relations

Cortes, Jose O.
How we Did it! Achieving Goals in Simultaneous Negotiations with Six Bargaining Groups

Cox, Susan
Informal Bargaining Techniques Which Can Be Effective In The Traditional Labor Relations Process

Cruz, Angelica
Implementing The MOU In Partnership With Bargaining Units In A Collaborative Working Environment

Curtis, Jennifer
Communicating With Employees During Negotiations: A Bad Idea Or Good Practice?

Cutler, Andrea
Who's sitting At The Table And What Do They Want?

Czaja, James
Understanding Labor Relations In The California State University (CSU): A Primer For New Managers

Dahlerbruch, Anton
Teaming For Success: How Teamwork, A Game Plan, And Effective Play Execution Results In A Winning Season

Daniels, Shari
To Discipline Or Not To Discipline: That Is The Question. Is It Safe To Write It Down?

Davis, Nancy
Trial Courts As "New" Employers - Life After SB 2140

DeBaca, Dolores
Management's Role In Diminishing The Risk Of Discrimination Charges

Decker, Laurie
Bringing A Little T.L.C. To The Labor-Management Relationship

DeCoulode, Mary Jo
When An Agreement Is Not An Agreement And How It Was Resolved

Del Grosso, Helen
A Perspective Of The Value Of Labor Unions

Delgadillo, Yolanda
Negotiation: A Perspective On How To Improve The Negotiation Process As A Team - What’s Bad And How To Fix It

Dias, Nancy
Can’t We All Just Get Along? The Importance Of Building And Maintaining An Effective Working Relationship Before, During And After Labor Negotiations

Dillon, Barbara A.
“IT’S NOT OVER UNTIL IT’S OVER” Surviving The “Difference” In Negotiations

Dino, Cora
Pros And Cons Of Contracting Out The Agency's Chief Negotiator

Dorsey, Lani Ann
Arbitration Agreements: A Discussion On The Advantages And Tips On Contractual Construction

Doyle, Matt
A Comprehensive Analysis Of Grievances At The City Of Glendale

Duran, Sheryl H.
A Labor Of Language Or The Importance Of Writing Concise, Unambiguous Contracts