2017 Keynote Address And General Sessions

Keynote Address:  Unlearning Habits Of The Mind: Tools And Strategies For Engaging Difference
Jason Patent, Ph.D. and Lauren Moloney-Egnatios, M.A.
Wednesday Morning General Session

Jason Patent, Ph.D., Director, and Lauren Moloney-Egnatios, Assistant Director, from the Robertson Center for Intercultural Leadership (International House, University of California at Berkeley), will set the tone for this year’s Annual Conference with their keynote address.

Highlighting the neuroscience of how humans naturally react to difference, Jason and Lauren will provide tools and strategies that will allow you to question your assumptions and appreciate differences, build new habits of perceiving, thinking, and doing, and suspend judgment and tolerance of ambiguity.They’ll show you how you can apply these tools and strategies in employee engagement, conflict resolution, recruitment, and hiring.

Learn how you can transform difference from a threat to an opportunity, unleash the potential of diverse workgroups and enhance team performance, productivity, and output.


Legal Trends 2017
M. Carol Stevens
Thursday Morning General Session

A popular CALPELRA tradition, M. Carol Stevens’ Legal Trends session is a substantive analysis of the past year’s legal decisions impacting California’s public agencies.  Carol's Legal Trends session provides a road map to embracing a world of difference by identifying risks, helping you avoid the mistakes others have made, and recommending practical solutions for implementing new legal standards.


Special Panel Presentation: Diversity And Inclusion
Porter Gilberg, Jason Patent, Ph.D., Anthony (Tony) Sauer, and Teresa Maria Linda Scholz, Ph.D.
Friday Morning General Session

Diversity and inclusion: It sounds good, but what does that mean in practical terms, and why is it so impactful? Our expert panelists will bring these concepts to life by sharing stories and insight into common gaps we experience as we strive to establish a culture of diversity and inclusion. Supportive vs. patronizing, informed vs. conjecture, good intentions gone awry… you’ll learn to use a different lens in your career and you’ll learn what tools and resources are available to help. You’ll leave this special panel presentation inspired to put diversity and inclusion in the forefront of your organization’s culture, to better serve your workforce and community.