Keynote And General Sessions

Keynote Speaker:  
Hugh Herr, Professor of Media Arts and Sciences, MIT Media Lab
Wednesday Morning General Session

Hugh Herr isn’t just developing smarter, more capable bionic limbs. He’s redefining human potential and designing a world in which technology erases disability. More than the preeminent expert and technologist in his field, Herr is a living inspiration. His TED talk, which ended with a standing ovation and was viewed nearly seven million times, is a shining example of Herr’s ability to lift the hearts and minds of audiences across professions.

When technology meets biology, the interface is rarely flawless; the devices often hinder the bodies they’re designed to help. Herr, a renowned engineer and biophysicist who lost both legs in a climbing incident more than 30 years ago, believes technologists can, and must, do better. Today, as leader of MIT Media Lab’s Biomechatronics Group, he’s building the next generation of robotic prosthetics, sophisticated devices that aid human movement by mimicking nature. Coined “Leader of the Bionic Age” by TIME, Herr and his team are translating tricks the human body uses to move more efficiently into the science and technology that not only restores function to those who’ve lost it, but also enhances and extends their capabilities.

Herr’s gripping story has been told in a National Geographic film, Ascent: The Story of Hugh Herr, as well as in episodes and articles featured in CNN, The Economist, Discover, and Nature.


Legal Trends 2018
M. Carol Stevens
Thursday Morning General Session

A popular CALPELRA tradition presented by CALPELRA's M. Carol Stevens, the Legal Trends session is an annual, substantive analysis of the past year’s legal decisions impacting California’s public agencies.  Carol will provide a road map for moving together toward tomorrow by identifying risks, helping you avoid the mistakes others have made, and recommending practical solutions for implementing new legal standards.


Special Panel Presentation: TBA
Friday Morning General Session