Keynote And General Sessions

Keynote Speaker: Hugh Herr, Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
MIT's Biomechatronics Group
Wednesday Morning General Session

Hugh Herr is a living inspiration for overcoming challenges, creating the work environment of the future, and moving together toward tomorrow. A preeminent expert and an engaging, futuristic inventor at MIT’s think tank/incubator program, Hugh Herr is a renowned engineer and biophysicist who lost both legs in a climbing incident more than 30 years ago.He builds future generations of robotic prosthetics and bionic limbs allowing users to not only move their high-tech limbs, but to feel them, too.

Coined “Leader of the Bionic Age” by TIME, Herr and his team are translating tricks the human body uses to move more efficiently into the science and technology that not only restores function to those who’ve lost it, but also enhances and extends their capabilities.

Herr’s gripping story has been told in a National Geographic film, Ascent: The Story of Hugh Herr, as well as in episodes and articles featured in CNN, The Economist, Discover, and Nature. His TED talk, which ended with a standing ovation and was viewed nearly seven million times, is a shining example of Herr’s ability to inspire CALPELRA’s audience to overcome challenges, create the work environment of the future, and move together toward tomorrow.


Legal Strategies: Moving Forward, Together
M. Carol Stevens and Janet Cory Sommer
Thursday Morning General Session

A popular CALPELRA tradition presented by CALPELRA’s Chief Executive Officer, this session includes a substantive analysis of 2018’s significant court decisions impacting California’s public agencies and recommendations for navigating future legal challenges. This year’s Legal Strategies session both honors the past and welcomes the future, as departing CEO M. Carol Stevens and incoming CEO Janet Cory Sommer present this session together.


Special Panel Presentation: Thought Leaders Discuss The Future Of
Human Resources And Labor Relations
Dr. Frank Benest, ICMA / Cal-ICMA Talent Initiative
Dr. Roland Deiser, Center for the Future of Organization, Drucker School of Management, Claremont Graduate University
Kerianne R. Steele, Weinberg, Roger & Rosenfeld
Friday Morning General Session

What will human resources and labor relations look like in 2025?  Will algorithms identify talent, make hiring and compensation decisions, decide internal mobility, and ultimately determine career paths?  CALPELRA asks a panel of HR and LR Thought Leaders, academics and practitioners, to make their best predictions.